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Pressure Washing Equipment Rental

If you don't want to commit to purchasing a unit outright, or a large project has you spread too thin on equipment, L&H Industrial Services can provide small, or large pressure washing machines, surface cleaners & other accessories that can help you get the job done. Our pressure washing equipment rental gives you the tools to get the job done right the first time & turn your pressure washing task into a success.

We provide a complete inventory of hot & cold pressure washers & accessories.
Renters can count on:

  • High-Performance & Industry-Leading Technology
  • Well-Maintained Rental Quality
  • Manufacturer-Recommended Equipment
  • Compatible Accessories for Project Customization

Our daily rental rates provide flexibility to ensure you have the equipment you need to complete your project. Speak with our technicians for extra guidance on the right tools for your scope of work.

Rental Rates:

Hot Water Units
5.5 GPM @ 3500 PSI, Tandem Axel 525 Gal Tank - Daily: $175/Weekly: $750
8 GPM @3500 PSI, Tandem Axel 525 Gal Tank (2 Gun) - Daily:$200
Portable W/14 Coil, 5GPM - Daily: $150/Weekly: $625

Cold Water Units
5.5 GPM @3000 PSI - Daily: $85/Weekly: $265

Surface Cleaner 21" - Daily: $65/Weekly: $275
Hose, 1 Wire 4000 PSI, 50'x3/8" - Daily: $10/Weekly: $40
Hose, 2 Wire 6000 PSI, 50'x3/8" - Daily: $13/Weekly: $52


Equipment is rented at a daily rate, with minimum rent periods starting at one day. A one-day rental includes a full 24 hours. Customers are responsible for maintaining the quality of the equipment & are held liable for any renter-caused damage during the rental period. Should your pressure washer malfunction, or fail to perform during your rental period, please contact us immediately.

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L&H Industrial Services

3722 Old Louisville Road Garden City, GA 31408

About L&H Industrial Services

L&H Industrial Services was founded by Mike Howard, a 20+ year veteran of the pressure washing industry.

Mike's experience in both residential and commercial pressure cleaning gives him the unique ability to anticipate the needs of his customers; helping them save time and money.

The business relationships Mike has built over the years allows L&H Industrial Services to provide industry leading products at affordable prices.


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